Millennium Chess Roll-Up Set
Most Popular Game Played World
Wide. Includes solid nearly
unbreakable 31/2" felted bottoms
Tournament style plastic pieces.
Our compact version makes for
ultimate in mobility
with a "NO
Memory" Mat"
When playing Millennium
Chess Age makes no
difference. Photo from
Dutchess County Fair 2008

Mr J Bruce Gustin Owner and Inventor
States: "Millennium Chess Games are educational with an aid
to helping you to play classic chess better. We stand by our
product with  100%MONEY BACK GUARANTEE                  
Millennium Chess Game is considered a variant  to classic
chess games. Yet both can be played on our Millennium
Chess Boards.
Millennium Chess is a One on One chess game just like
conventional chess. Once you get into playing Millennium
Chess you will only discover how much better you become at
Classic Chess just by Owning and Playing  Your Millennium
Chess Games !
Find Out:
"Why Millennium Chess is in a league all its own"
"Why people who have played chess games for decades are in
total awe of this
Millennium Chess Game"
"Why  Millennium Chess is becoming the newest "Chess Craze"
since Classic Chess"
"Why and How this chess game "Develops Your "Chess Muscles"
and "Improves your Chess Game Skills"

Millennium Chess is like finding
buried treasure from centuries
ago. Get your Game On Today!
Once set up at the
fair grounds it was
pandemonium people
waiting in line to play
this new innovative
game of Millennium
Chess. As Far away as
Key Largo to Canada,
New York To Calif.
Mr. J.Bruce Gustin on the Sally Jesse Raphal           
Invenotrs Show including his nephew Aaron.
Millennium Chess Roll-up Game
Played in Key :Largo
GrandMaster Board Game Played in New York State

new Millennium Chess Board Set included Drueke